Theacrine (Teacrine)

R 349.00

TeaCrine (also known as Theacrine) is one of the most versatile nootropic supplements at the moment, that delivers energy, improves physical performance and supports optimal cognitive function. Making this supplement the ideal choice for pre-workouts or to improve focus for work or studying.

Teacrine is similar to caffeine in terms of effects, with added benefits, including: Little to no tolerance buildup and post consumption "crash", smooth sustained focus & energy and promotes mood and reduces stress.

Additionally, it has been shown to enhance and extend the positive effects of caffeine, when used in conjuction, while minimizing its negative side effects (jitters and crash).

  • Enhances Cognition & Focus
  • Supports Mood & Increases Motivation
  • Boosts Physical Performance & Energy

  • Theacrine (as Teacrine®): 100mg