Smart. Effective. Supplements.

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Our Story

Established in 2016, is a new-age health and wellness company dedicated to providing smart, functional, and effective supplements that enhance health, wellness, and performance. It all began with our founder & CEO Tristan van Moerkerken, in search of a natural alternative to ADHD medication.

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Our Difference

First to market in South Africa, PrimeSelf is leading the market with a range of cutting-edge supplements in the Nootropic, Adaptogen and new age ingredient space.

We have partnered with industry leaders, resulting in our expertly formulated product range boasting effective dosages, branded ingredients and synergistic formulations!

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Our Purpose

To empower people to become their best possible selves, without worry. We believe that healthy living should be simple. We make a commitment to you and to the environment, through creating the best quality products in the most sustainable way possible.

We aim to do this by sourcing responsibly, doing plenty of research and constantly being transparent. We will always use the best possible ingredients, industry-leading.


We strive to make the best possible products, using effective dosing and the best quality ingredients.


We believe that you as the consumer should be informed on what you are purchasing! No hidden blends, no hidden ingredients, just honest and clear labeling.


We make the utmost effort to produce all our products with care and precision, both in the interest of the consumer and the environment.