The "Chill Pill" Stack

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Long-term stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your overall health & wellness. The “Chill Pill” Stack will not only help you cope and adapt to stress in everyday life but will also strengthen your natural resilience to stress.

This is The “Chill Pill” Stack that everyone needs for healthy stress management.

Key Features:

  • Mood & Stress Support
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Cortisol & Hormone Management
  • Mental & Physical Performance
  • Overall Vitality & Resilience
  • Improved Serotonin Production
  • No Drowsiness
  • Supports Adaptation To Stress

  • Zen Mode - contains a synergistic blend of natural nootropics, neuro-enhancers and adaptogens to provide a calm and tranquil state.
  • Adaptogen Complex - features a 5-in-1 blend of powerful adaptogenic herbs to provide your body with the tools it needs to adapt to any situation.