Organic Reishi Mushroom

R 299.00

Reishi Mushroom AKA the "Immortality Mushroom" is known for its incredible immune boosting and stress support properties.

Reishi acts as an immunomodulator, helping to regulate the body's immune system and function whilst assisting in health stress and mood response.

Aside from the adaptogenic benefits of this mushroom, Reishi has also been shown to assist with cardiovascular support, healthy blood sugar regulation and sleep. Making this the ideal supplement for whole-body wellness.

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Key Benefits:

  • Sleep & Mood Support
  • Immunity & Vitality
  • Cardiovascular Support

  • Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lingzhi - 30% Beta-Glucans): 1000mg


  • Standardised to 30% Beta Glucan Content
  • Source: Sporocarp (Fruiting Body)
  • Dual Extract (Water & Ethanol)
  • Tested for heavy metals and toxins

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