Nuttbutter Protein Blast Smoothie

Nuttbutter Protein Blast Smoothie

Jul 08, 2024PrimeSelf Team

Start your day right with our indulgent yet nutritious PrimeSelf Power-Packed Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. This creamy concoction combines the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, and energy-boosting ingredients to fuel your body and mind.


  • 1x Banana
  • 1x Scoop Collagen Powder
  • 1x Scoop Keto Creamer
  • 1x Tablespoon Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 1x Heaping Tablespoon Yogurt
  • 1x Splash of Milk
  • 1x Handful of Ice Cubes

This smoothie is a powerhouse of nutrition. The banana provides essential potassium and natural sweetness, while Collagen supports healthy skin, hair, and joints. Our Keto Creamer adds a luxurious texture and healthy fats to keep you satiated. A dollop of peanut butter brings protein and that irresistible nutty flavor, complemented by probiotic-rich yogurt for gut health. A splash of milk and ice cubes create the perfect sippable consistency.

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy this delicious meal replacement or post-workout refuel. With PrimeSelf's Power-Packed Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie, you're not just drinking a smoothie – you're investing in your health and vitality.

This nutrient-dense smoothie offers a perfect balance of proteins, healthy fats, and carbs. It's high in protein for muscle health, rich in potassium for heart function, and packed with probiotics for gut health. Plus, the collagen supports skin elasticity and joint flexibility. Fuel your day the PrimeSelf way – delicious nutrition in every glass!

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