The "Super Human" Stack

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Skyrocket your productivity and physical performance with The “Super Human” Stack. To perform at your peak you need to provide your body with the right tools so that you can stay a step ahead of the competition.

Becoming “super” is possible for all. It’s never too late to take the first step toward living your best life.

Key Features:

  • Cognition & Brain Support
  • Performance & Recovery
  • Immunity & Vitality
  • Mood & Stress Support
  • Cortisol & Hormone Management
  • Mental & Physical Performance
  • Overall Vitality & Resilience
  • Mental Energy & Laser Focus
  • Physical Performance
  • Elevated Mood

  • Shroom Elixir - provide a 4-in-1 adaptogenic mushroom blend sourced from top-quality suppliers that are equally dosed to provide you with lasting results you can feel.
  • Total Focus - provides a smooth and “jitter-free” boost in focus and energy for any task requiring higher performance.
  • Adaptogen Complex - features a 5-in-1 blend of powerful adaptogenic herbs to provide your body with the tools it needs to adapt to any situation.