Adaptogen Complex
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Adaptogen Complex

Adaptogen Complex

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Adaptogenic herbs assist our minds/bodies in reacting and adapting to both short- and long-term physical or mental stress. Additionally, they have been shown to boost immunity, vitality, combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, reduce anxiety, and boost overall performance 

Adaptogen Complex features a 5-in-1 blend of powerful adaptogenic herbs to provide a well-rounded set of effects for any situation, thereby providing your mind & body with the tools needed to adapt and take on any situation life has to offer. 


  • Mood & Stress Support
  • Cortisol & Hormone Management 
  • Mental & Physical Performance 
  • Overall Vitality & Resilience 

Includes a blend of KSM66 Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri 50%, Panax Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba. 

A balanced blend of herbal adaptogenic extracts, formulated to support and promote healthy stress response, mental & physical performance and balance hormone levels. Order yours today.

Why choose us?


Prime Self has a strict 'no proprietary blend' policy. This means total label transparency. Showing you exactly what and how much you're getting from our products. 


Armed with carefully selected and science backed ingredients, we wanted to make sure our products are at the forefront of health & wellness.

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Jeanne-Marie B.
South Africa South Africa
Your adrenals will thank you

Impressed by the combination put together with this supplement. Your adrenal axis will correct it self after a few weeks. Suddenly you energy spikes, you handle stress better, your weight starts to shift (at last!), your immune system recovers..happy adrenals...happy me!

PrimeSelf Adaptogen Complex Review
Michelle B.
South Africa South Africa

I suffer from Fibromialgia do I drink a lot of supplements. I cannot say that this is making a difference but it is worth the try

PrimeSelf Adaptogen Complex Review