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With the consumption of carbohydrate and sugar-rich meals, glucose metabolism works to break down these sugars and carbs into glucose molecules, which are then used for energy production. However, with inefficient metabolism or excess glucose in the bloodstream, this is either stored for later use as glycogen or remains in the bloodstream, which results in "sugar spikes" and ultimately adverse effects. 

Prime Lean is an advanced blend of ingredients designed to be your go-to solution for optimal blood sugar support! 

  • Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels
  • Promote Longevity
  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Manage Craving
  • Support Inflammation Responses
  • Promote Healthy Weight Management

Prime Lean boasts a cutting-edge formulation of Dihydroberberine, as GlucoVantage®, that is shown to be 5x more effective vs normal berberine), bitter melon, and cinnamon extract. 

Whether you are looking to optimize your longevity, manage blood glucose levels after a cheat or carb-rich meal, increase your caloric intake without the negative effects on insulin, or just looking to lose weight, Prime Lean is the perfect solution!

Prime Lean is best used before meals (particularly carbohydrate-rich meals) to prime the body for optimal insulin management.  


Health & Wellness - PRIMESELF

Quality and integrity is our key focus, we aim to provide only the best and this means NO, ineffective dosages, arbitrary ingredients, unnecessary fillers, banned substance, and most importantly, NO proprietary blends! Its simple, our products are natural, effective & sustainable!

Physical Performance - PRIMESELF

It was simple, we had to forget about the “price first” mindset and focus on creating products that worked. Armed with carefully selected and science backed ingredients, we wanted to make sure our products are at the forefront of health & wellness.


We pride ourselves on not only our unique and cutting edge formulations but on the source of our ingredeints too! Partnering with the worlds leading brands to ensure our products contain the best possible ingredients!

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Ricky H.
South Africa South Africa
Incredible Product

I used the product as part of a performance glycogen study, 2 weeks on diet without Prime Lean using a online glycogen meter and then utilizing same diet and Prime Lean we monitored the glycogen for an additional two weeks. The results was incredible, all insulin spikes was totally gone when using Prime Lean daily. so in essence my body never went into a state of storing fat.True game changer