Our Difference

PrimeSelf, established in 2016, is a new-age health and wellness company dedicated to providing smart, functional, and effective supplements. First to market in South Africa, PrimeSelf is leading the market with a range of cutting-edge supplements in the Nootropic, Adaptogen, and new-age ingredient space.

The Problem? The supplement industry is under-regulated and outdated. Simply put, the market is filled with mediocre products, sub-par ingredients, and questionable formulations.

The Solution? PrimeSelf is dedicated to changing this and creating industry-leading products to pave the way for a new standard in the health and wellness space.

Innovative Products, Designed for Optimal Health & Performance

We have partnered with industry leaders, resulting in our expertly formulated product range boasting effective dosages, branded ingredients, and synergistic formulations! Our products are designed to work, it's simple. We love them, we believe in them and we are confident you will too!

Evidence-based Formulations, Backed by Science

All of our products feature science-backed ingredients in clinically effective doses, no unnecessary fillers, hidden ingredients or nasties included!

We pride ourselves on using branded, patented, and premium ingredients in our formulations. Not only do branded ingredients tend to be of better quality but they have clinical studies supporting their efficacy and claims!

Transparent & Honest Products

Proprietary blends, fillers, artificial colorants, and preservatives are examples of something you will never see in any of our products! Instead, we are committed to using 100% authentic ingredients and completely transparent product labels so you know precisely what you’re putting in your body.

Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science!