Giving Tuesday 2023

🌳 PrimeSelf Giving Tuesday Campaign! 🌍

We're proud to share the joy of giving back.
We're donating R15,000 to an incredible organisation committed to planting trees in South Africa. Thank you for joining us in nurturing the planet and creating a greener, more sustainable future. Your support makes a difference.

This Black Friday, your purchase made a difference! It's not just a sale; it's a commitment to a greener, healthier planet.Β 

Planting forest trees is also a great way to give back to nature. During its lifetime, one tree will absorb and store between one to three tonnes of carbon dioxide. Current research suggests that natural, ecologically diverse forest systems are more effective as carbon sinks than monoculture forest plantations. Your contribution enables us to re-establish forest canopy which in turn provides habitat and nurture for a wide variety of creatures, large and small. In addition, your contribution assists us in maintaining the firebreaks, and thus protecting the old growth forest and reforested areas from fire.