Keto Creamer

R 399.00

Keto Creamer is a convenient and dairy-free source of sustainable energy that not only boosts mental clarity, suppresses appetite, increases energy metabolism but improves digestion and digestive health with added Digetive Fibers and L-Theanine.

Simply add to coffee, smoothies or shakes and enjoy!


Keto Creamer is quickly absorbed by your body and converted into ketones, fueling your brain and body. Keto Creamer boosts mental clarity through added L-Theanine, suppresses appetite, increases energy metabolism and improves digestive health with the added digestive fibre. Whether you are following a strict keto diet or just looking for a healthier energy alternative, Keto Creamer is for you.

No artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, fillers, preservatives, or additives. Contains no gluten, no dairy, and no sugar.

  • Ketogenic Fuel & Carbohydrate-Free Source of Energy
  • Boosts Cognitive Functioning
  • Boost Metabolism & Energy Output
  • Sustained Energy Levels, Without Crashes

- Per 1 scoop = (60 servings)

Coconut Oil Powder, 5g
- 75% on Soluble Corn Fiber (as goFAT® Coconut MCTs)
L Theanine, 50mg

Up to 60 Servings (300 grams)